post-title 3 Tips for Freshening Your Indoor Air

3 Tips for Freshening Your Indoor Air

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Everything that surrounds us is filled with contaminants, and unless we take action to protect ourselves from them, these harmful contaminants that reside in the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and in the food that we eat will damage our health irremediably. If you want to take a major step forward when it comes to improving your health, you have to ensure that you are breathing fresh and clean air while you’re inside of your own home, and by reading and applying the 3 tips given in the following lines you will feel the improvement of your health immediately.

1. Place air filtering plants in your home

A study made in 1989 showed that certain house plants are able to eliminate toxic agents like trichlorethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde from indoor air, and you can take advantage of these properties and use them in your own advantage. Plants like English ivy, Peace lily, Variegated snake plant, and Florist’s chrysanthemum are the perfect choices to go with. In addition to improving the quality of your indoor air, these plants look gorgeous as decorations and they smell good as well, being the perfect addition for any room.

2. Buy an air purifier

The best solution to maintaining fresh and clean indoor air is to buy and use an air purifier, which is basically a device that filters the indoor air of all the contaminants, bacteria, and viruses that lurk in it. If you compare air purifiers, you will find the Alen BreatheSmart to be an efficient and affordable choice. You can have it for the price of $600. Aside from its gorgeous design, this air purifier is the best choice to go with due to the fact that it adjusts the fan according to the air quality to maintain a clean indoor environment as well.

We often recommend air purifiers, especially for people who live in big cities. Since we compare air purifiers all the time, we know which are the best products. The filters of this unit meet the HEPA requirements, eliminating about 99.97% of all the pollutants that lurk in the air, it’s perfect for use in mid-sized rooms, and if you wake up easily at night but you still want the unit to run even when you’re sleeping to ensure that you’re breathing quality air, you can set the BreatheSmart on night mode, meaning that the fan will run at a lower speed and the LED lights will turn down to not distract you.

3. Don’t let smokers light up inside

If you are a smoker or another household member is, you should stop smoking inside overall, because even leaning outside the window to drag on a cigarette will cause the entire room to reek of the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke, the wind causing the smoke to go back inside. The best thing to do if you can’t stop smoking is to go outside every time you need a cigarette, this way preserving the indoor air fresh and clean, and protecting the household members who aren’t smokers from the toxic smoke as well.

If you aren’t convinced that smoking is one of the biggest enemies of clean air, just think about the fact that every time you exhale after taking a drag from a cigarette you eliminate more than 4000 toxins in the air, this being reason enough on its own to go outside if you’re craving for one.


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