post-title Best Whole House Water Filters for a Small Apartment

Best Whole House Water Filters for a Small Apartment

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The water that you drink or use for cooking, bathing or other means could be perfectly safe and healthy, containing good minerals that are good for your health. Or it could contain all sorts of harmful contaminants such as heavy elements, bacteria, viruses, chemicals or micro organisms that can cause adverse health effects. Today, we will talk about the most efficient method of filtering water in a small apartment and that is by installing a whole house water filter. Read on to compare best whole house water filter units for a small apartment.

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter System

The Aquasana Rhino is the most popular whole house water filter that can help you improve the quality of water in your apartment. According to manufacture’s claims, this filter is capable of removing up to 97% of chlorine and other chemicals. The best part of having the Aquasana filter in your house is that it keeps the minerals in while removing only the harmful pollutants and chemicals. This filter uses 3 stage of filtration to filter microscopical particles and dirt, remove chlorine and other contaminants. If you compare the best whole house water filter units, you will see that this product has the best price to quality ratio.

Crystal Quest CQE-WH-01103

What’s important for you to know regarding the Crystal Quest CQE-WH-01103 is that it comes in different sizes: big, mid-size and small, so if you are looking for a whole house water filter that can perfectly fit in your apartment, make sure to choose the small version of this water filter. The Crystal Quest water purifier includes 7 stages where it removes sand, dirt and other debris. During the second through sixth stages it removes heavy metals and reduces the hardness of water, while in the final stage it removes volatile organic carbon compounds. After using this filter, you will soon notice that your water has a more pleasant taste and smell.

Watts WH-LD Premier

If you are looking for a small water filter that can easily fit in your kitchen or basement setting, then the Watts WH-LD Premier could be something to consider. This whole house water filtration system is highly capable of removing sediment, dirt and other debris and it’s designed as a whole house water filter for well water and city water.

Aqua-Pure AP903

The Aqua-Pure AP903 is easy to install and to maneuver, and this is definitely something you’re looking to find at a whole house water filter, if you are planning to install it yourself in a small area. This particular model comes with a carbon filter that can significantly reduce rust, dirt as well as chlorine and harmful minerals.


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