post-title Chic Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

Chic Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

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The biggest portion of your time while at home is spent in the living room, therefore this room must have the best design possible to suit your taste and to make your stay in it more enjoyable and comfortable.
A chic living room is a great option for anyone who enjoys a playful but at the same time soothing design and decorating style for the room in which they spend most of their time, and in the following lines we will present you with some useful chic decorating ideas for the living room that you can use to transform it into a chic paradise.

Play with colors

A great way to turn your once boring living room that lacked personality into a chic living room is to paint the walls in a vibrant color that attracts attention while having calming effects at the same time.
Some great colors that you could try for the walls of your chic living room are either serious and dark tones of green and blue, neutral colors like cream and beige, or lively colors like aqua blue.
After painting the walls to give the whole room a fresh look and to change its mood, you must make sure to add other details like colored pillows to the mix to really give off a chic vibe.
All you have to do is to not be afraid to experiment with colors, because the chic style is very versatile and it allows you to mix and match however you like.

Display your travel souvenirs

Instead of keeping all the travel souvenirs that you spent a lot of money on hidden in your desk’s drawers, set them on display on the coffee table and above the fire place for all your guests to see what you acquired from your trips, and for you to be able to reminisce when you’re alone, thinking about the great times that you had when you took those trips.

Pictures and traditional chic decorations for the walls

Another important element of the chic style are the wall decorations, and thankfully due to fact that the living room is the largest room of the house, you can take advantage of all the wall space and mount various decorations.
On the walls, you can display different paintings of cities, animals, and even family photos, hang a big mirror to add more space to the room, and go to a souvenir shop and buy giant decorative clocks and other traditional chic decorations to create the perfect ambiance.

Add plants to give life to the living room

The best way to liven up a space is by adding greenery, and you can place all the plants you like in beautiful containers around the living room to give it life. Also, if you want to give a bohemian chic vibe to the whole decor, you can place wild flowers in a vase on the coffee table, creating a more distinctive look for the room with this simple addition.


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