post-title Craft One-of-a-Kind Decorations from Recycled Metal

Craft One-of-a-Kind Decorations from Recycled Metal

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Many people do not recycle metal because they do not know what they should do with it. They find difficult to bring it to a recycling center, or they consider they do not have enough, and it does not worth the stress. In this case, they choose either to ignore its presence, or to throw it away alongside with the garbage. However, you should know that you have the possibility to craft some outstanding decorations for your house and garden from recycled metal. In case you have no idea what you should do with all the used spoons, cans, and barrels, you should take a look at these amazing decorations made from scrap brass.

Decorations made from spoons and forks

If you have around the house forks and spoons, which you find useless, you should not throw them away, you should transform them into decorating items. The decorations you craft from spoons and forks can be blend with various styles, and what is more they are functional, practical and Eco-friendly. From the forks, you can make wall hooks, metal sculptures that can serve as napkins or candle holders. If you take a look online you will notice that people used spoons and forks to customize wall watches, adding one of them on the right of every hour. If you designed your house in a modern or abstract way, you can hang the forks on the ceiling light, to create a more metallic look.

Use metal barrels

Metal barrels are big items, and many people choose to throw them rather than crafting something from them. If your house features a balcony, you should not invest money in purchasing outside furniture, because you can paint the old barrels, and transform them into armchairs and sofas. For example, you can cut one of them on the half, tie the halves on their back, and on the upper part, you should place a cushion and transform it into a two-seat couch. If you have more than one barrels you can cut them in the form of chairs, and furnish them with round cushions, for making them comfortable to sit on. If your property features a yard, you can transform the barrels into pots for flowers. You can seed in them different flower types, paint them in matching colors, and design them eyes. You have the possibility to design them as She and He barrels. Enjoy decorating your house with recycled metal.


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