post-title Decorating Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Small Kitchen

Decorating Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Small Kitchen

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Having a small kitchen means that you must take a step back when it comes to certain arrangements of the counters and appliances, and think in a more creative way to fit in everything you love without having to compromise and leave out appliances that you need.
The best thing to do when working with a small space is to avoid the mistakes of others, and in this article we will show you which are the decorating mistakes that you must avoid when you have a small kitchen to make sure you won’t do them yourself and that you will make the best out of your small space.

Wasting valuable space

In a small kitchen you can’t afford to waste an inch, therefore you should avoid wasting valuable space.
Make use of all the walls, putting your refrigerator, stove, and counters on all of them, and in the center of the kitchen, if the space allows you to do it, create a small island on which to prepare the foods and where to dine if there is room for it.
Having a small kitchen doesn’t imply giving up on what you want, but it does imply that you make use of every empty space to not waste it.
For example, if a certain counter seems too empty to you, but you don’t have a kitchen appliance to store on it, you should create a mini herb garden on it, using led grow lights to provide the herbs with the necessary light for the process of photosynthesis, this way using the space in a smart way and having fresh herbs at your disposal to use when you cook.

Using dark colors for the floors and counters

The greatest mistake a person can make when decorating a kitchen is to use dark tones for the walls, the floors, and the counters.
Dark color enclose a space and don’t let light reach in as it should, making it look even smaller. On the other hand, if you were to use white in your kitchen or bright neutrals like cream, you would make the space seem bigger on this change alone, allowing the light to enlarge the small space.
On a visual level, this will not only give you a seemingly larger kitchen, but one that will look cleaner as well.

Filling the countertop with appliances

Don’t clutter all the counters with appliances, because it looks bad and it tends to reduce from the visual space of the kitchen, making it feel smaller than it actually is.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t put appliances on your counters, but rather that you should buy appliances that can be mounted on the wall if you have this option with them.
A great appliance that you should buy for a small kitchen is the Kenmore Elite 80373 over the range microwave, and you can buy it for the price of $600.
It’s a convection microwave that has a hidden vent that will further help you save space in your kitchen if you install the microwave above the stove, eliminating the need for a range hood, it has electronic touch controls, convenient one-touch selections, the capacity of 1.8 cubic feet, and it has sensor cooking to eliminate the guesswork that usually goes into microwaved food.


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