post-title Easy Paper Crafts for Your Children

Easy Paper Crafts for Your Children


Everybody know that children have a lot of energy and this might lead to a misbehavior. If you were looking for ways to keep them busy and quiet, then perhaps doing some paper crafts might be the perfect idea. With your supervision, they can creates some amazing and fun DIY projects, that both of you will love. All you will need to do is purchase the right craft supplies and start working. Here are a few easy craft ideas perfect for children.

Paper animal heads

This DIY project is both fun and easy. Make sure your kids have a pair of scissors suitable for them, or supervise the entire activity yourself. Cut from a card stock a circle of 6 or 7 inches and roll it into a cone, securing it with a few drops of glue. Cut out from the card stock the ears and attach them to the cone using some tacky glue. Give your kids some markers do draw the eyes and the mouth, then fold the cone down and the project will be finished. Simple and entertaining.

Paper stars

If done properly, your kids will love the results of this project. You will need some paper in different colours and patterns, glue, string and a pair of scissors. This project can be more difficult to do, so you should watch a step by step tutorial together with your children. A few folds and cuts, some glue and your will have some beautiful starts to hang from the ceiling of your children’s bedroom.

Ice cream cones

Who loves ice cream more than kids do? Making some paper ice cream cones is a great idea for a children’s craft. Buy some brown textured cardstock for the cone. Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure it with some sticky glue. Help your kids tape small pieces of colorful paper onto a piece of crumbled tissue paper, and attach the circle to the cone. You can even add a red button on top, to look like a cherry and voila, your non-melting ice cream cone will be done.

Paper tube town

For this craft idea, you will need some cardboard tubes, some card stock, markers, glue and scissors. Cut some squares out of the card paper, and slightly fold them to look like a roof. Give your kids some markers to draw doors and windows on the cardboard tubes, and glue the pieces of paper on top the tubes. Make as many cottages as you want and create a small town that your children will love to play with

As you can see, there are many DIY projects suitable for children. Spend some quality time with your kids while pursuing fun and entertaining activities. If your children will always have something fun to do, you can even have the chance to get something done around the house. Give your children the opportunity to express their creativity, and consider these few craft ideas. Start looking online for a reputable supplier that can provide you with a wide variety of craft supplies suitable for children. From clay and dough to paper and embellishments, make sure you have everything you need at your disposal.


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