post-title Extraordinary Urban Garden Ideas

Extraordinary Urban Garden Ideas

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Living in a big city doesn’t mean that you must deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy your personal green corner. Although you are surrounded by buildings of concrete, you can still create extraordinary urban gardens that will take your breath away. Get your inspiration from the following ideas and design your urban oasis of relaxation.

    • Vertical plant assemblies are gorgeous ways of displaying your favorite plants without resorting to the plain flower pots on a window sill. For an innovative aspect, you can use some old pipes that you paint in vibrant colors, tie to each other using a fine rope and fill them with soil. You can plant any type of flower you like and you can play with shapes and colors. Instead of pieces of pipes, you can use empty bottles, cans, even old rubber shoes, the possibilities are endless.
    • Here is one idea that you must try if you have a small place that you want to decorate with flowers. You will need some cinder blocks that you can find at very reasonable prices so the investment will not be significant, but the result will be extraordinary. Paint the blocks in joyful colors and place them on top of each other to create a circle as large as you want and fill the top layer of blocks with soil. Add soil to the middle of the circle and plant there all your favorite plants.
    • This amazing urban garden is the perfect embodiment of an oasis of relaxation in your backyard. You won’t need a large piece of land and the smaller the better because it will be more intimate and relaxing. The tall walls that surround this garden ensure privacy and the beautiful arch makes you feel like you are about to enter a magic land. To take care of the lawn in such a garden, you will need a top lawn mover to keep the grass looking perfectly, but other than that, the gardening will not imply much work. However, since this lawn is quite small, consider an electric mower which will be easier to use. A top lawn mover, be it electric or gas-powered should be suitable for the size of your lawn.
    • If you live on the top floor of a building, you can easily design a rooftop urban garden that will offer you a breathtaking view. The advantage is that you can create different areas where you can grow a wide range of plants, having such a large space available, and you can even design your personal corner where you can have breakfast or a romantic dinner in the moonlight.

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