post-title Genius Bathroom Organizing Tricks

Genius Bathroom Organizing Tricks

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You all know how hard it can be keeping the bathroom organized, with all the stuff you keep there and that have to stay withing reach while staying out of sight. Finding the right spot for each of your personal care products can turn out to be impossible if you don’t know how to group things. These genius organizing tricks will help you keep a tidy bathroom while taking care of the aesthetic aspect and keeping the space’s functionality.

    • The cabinet under your bathroom sink can become a great storage space where you can keep things out of sight and organized. Many people choose to store here the cleaning products but you can make it a multi-functional space with the help of boxes or baskets. Group your personal care products in stylish boxes that you can easily slide out when needed and create a separate area for the cleaning products and all your bathroom supplies.
    • Even the space on the back of the bathroom door or the cabinets’ doors can become storage space if you know how to capitalize it. Using some wire shelves or simple clothes racks, you can build holders for all your styling gadgets such as the electric shaver, the flat iron, or the hair dryer. If you have older styling gadgets, you might want to upgrade them as the newer versions come with their own hangers which can be mounter straight on the tiles. If you take a look at some shavers, you will see that some of them even come with cleaning stations, which are very useful, despite the fact that they take a little more space.
    • Also for the personal care gadgets, you can build some shelves on the wall near the mirror if you don’t have a mirror cabinet. A great idea would be to create small boxes with the name of each family member so they will know which product belongs to whom. You can place there each one’s shaver, toothbrush, deodorant, and everything else they need for their daily routine.
    • If you have a narrow space left between the toilet and the bathtub or right near the sink, you can make the best out of it with the help of a tall and compact shelf. You can store here all your towels, the toilet paper, and even your cosmetics organized in small boxes. A corner shelf above the bathtub or one above the toilet will allow you to capitalize every inch of space you have available in the bathroom. Here, you can put all your shower gels, creams, shampoos, lotions, and many other pampering products.

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