post-title Hair Bows are Must-Have Accessories

Hair Bows are Must-Have Accessories

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Although there are many ways in which you can style your hair, the best choice you have is the hair bow. These bands of material are without doubt fun accessories that you can wear regardless of the length of your locks or your age. In order to style your hair this way, you will need special ribbon. Fortunately, there are countless types of decorative products you can choose from and they are virtually inexpensive. If you cannot find the design that you are looking for, then you should better make your own. What you should do is gather cheap ribbon for hair bows and get to work.

Which type of ribbon will suit you best?

The first thing that you should consider is the curly grosgrain ribbon. This type of ribbon fabric is characterized by its elastic look, which is surely a fun feature. Owing to the fact that this cloth is highly versatile, you can use it in order to embellish your coiffure as well as ordinary items in the house. If you go to any store, whether physical or web-based, you have the possibility to choose from many styles and colors that will match your outfit perfectly. On the other hand, you may want to consider boutique ribbon. Not only does it have many loops and folds, but it comes in various designs. Other great fabric that you can use are satin, velvet and cotton.

Making an outstanding hair accessory

You can either attach the ribbon to your hair accessory or wear it in your coiffure. Even if bow making may seem challenging in the beginning, with some practice it will get easier in time. You should first begin with the classic bow. All you have to do is tie the strip the same way you would tie a shoe lace, task for which you will need about six inches of decorative fabric and an elastic hair tie. Pull the ribbon through the elastic band tie and cross the two sides together. Once you are set up for the knot, create one using the two pieces. Fold each end into a loop and, last but not least, cross the left loop over the right loop and pull tight.

Wear the bow in your hair

If you mostly like to wear your hair pulled up in a classic pony tail, then you should pop a ribbon around the ponytail holder. You will be out the door in a matter of seconds and you will look perfect. You can also wrap the stripe around the top of your topknot, while making sure that the tails of the bow are short to avoid an immature look. Is there another look you can try? If you are very fond of braids, tie the bow at the bottom because it will give you a festive appearance.


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