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Hallway Storage Solutions

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The hallway is the one space in your house where you welcome all of your guests so it’s essential to make a good impression. However, the hallways can also be used as a storage space because it’s the perfect place to store different items, such as shoes, coats, hats, keys or different accessories that don’t belong in other room. To learn how to turn your hallway into a neat and organized space, discover our tips.

Use it to organize your book collection

If you have a long and narrow hallway that can’t be used to store larger house items, you can consider turning it into a library. You can install several shelves onto the wall to arrange all of your books. The space will also look more cozy and welcoming and your guests might even stop for a second to admire your book collection.

Turn it into a comfy sitting area

Whether you have a small or spacious hallway, you can always use some simple methods to turn it into a cozy and relaxing sitting area. Consider placing a bench that has a soft mattress and decorative cushions but most importantly, you need to ensure that the bench includes drawers on the bottom so that you can use it for storage purposes. You can also add a few baskets to store your books or other essential items.

Turn your hallway into a pantry

If your kitchen is relatively small and feels cramped, you will want to use other room in your house to store kitchen items, utensils and all of your spices that surprisingly, take a lot of space in your kitchen. The hallway is the perfect location because you can easily install shelves or add slender cabinets that can accommodate your spices jars and snacks.

Letter storage system

The letter storage system is another useful accessory that should belong in a hallway because it’s very practical. By mounting a newspaper and letter rack on the walls you can manage to save a lot of space in the hallway. Everyone has several baskets laying around in their hallway that are filled with a bunch of receipts, letters and newspapers, so in order to keep your hallway more organize, place the mail in the letter storage system instead.

Umbrella stands

Another must-have accessory in the hallway is an umbrella stand. If it’s raining outside and you need to go out, you can quickly remove the umbrella from the stand and take it with you. As soon as you get back home, put the umbrella in the stand, rather than placing it near the door or somewhere in the house and then forget about it.


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