post-title How to Clean and Organize Your Dressing Room

How to Clean and Organize Your Dressing Room

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An organized dressing room is a rare sight in the homes of modern people, mostly due to the fact that we tend to throw our clothes randomly when we get from work instead of hanging them or folding them neatly. Unfortunately, this leads to problems in the morning when you have to get ready for work, losing a lot of time looking for a certain piece of clothing.
If you want to have a better organized and clean dressing room to spend less time looking for what you need in it, read the following lines to find out what you have to do.

Clear out the closet and wipe the dust

When starting this process of reorganizing your clothes, you first have to get them all out of the dressing room and wipe all the dust that has settled on the surfaces of the dressing room.
It’s an area of the house that we tend to forget to clean because we have our clothes there and we find it bothersome to have to take everything out to clean it, but it’s necessary to do it at least 2-3 times every year to make sure that the clothes sit in a dust free space.

Wash all your clothes and de-wrinkle them

Even if it’s a piece of clothing that you haven’t worn in a long time and you know it’s clean, when you do the wiping of the dust it’s better to put all your clothes in the washer too, making sure that all of them have been thoroughly cleaned of any dust, bacteria, and odors that have settled on them.
After they have all been washed and dried, it’s time to de-wrinkle the clothes to make sure that you are storing them back in the closet in a perfect shape, ready for being worn.
For the process of eliminating the wrinkles off of your clothes, instead of using an iron it’s better to use a clothes steamer, because it’s more gentle on the fabric and it eliminates any bacteria and odors that might have remained on them as well.
A great clothes steamer that you could use and that won’t cost you much to acquire is the Steamfast SF-407, its price tag being $90. It’s a 1500W clothes steamer that has a 40 ounce capacity removable water tank, it heats up in less than 45 seconds and you can steam with it continuously for 45 minutes, and it includes a clothes hook, an attachable fabric brush, and a telescopic pole for convenience in use.

Hang the delicates and fold the rest of your clothes

After de-wrinkling the clothes and the delicates with the clothes steamer, it’s time to neatly stack all of them in their rightful place. Hang all the delicates and sort them according to their color or other preference in sorting that you have, and neatly fold the rest of your clothes according to their type and the season that you wear them in, separating them this way to make it easier to find a certain piece of clothing when you need it.

Hang your purses and neatly stack your shoes

The dressing room doesn’t necessarily have to hold only clothes, being a perfect place to store all your shoes and purses in as well. Hang all of your purses in a certain area, one that is preferably smaller because they don’t take up much space anyway, and either stack your shoes on wracks, or put them in their original boxes or baskets on display to have a clear view of every pair you own.


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