post-title How to Cleverly Organize the Laundry Room

How to Cleverly Organize the Laundry Room

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When you think about your laundry room, you can’t help but imagine the piles of clothes waiting for you to sort, wash, and fold, and this makes you hate it. But f you know how to decorate and organize it, you can turn the laundry room into a beautiful and functional area where everything will be arranged in a perfect order. Here are some ideas on how to organize the laundry room at home.

  • If you are tired of collecting all the coins you find in the pockets and then misplace them, you can build a place to put it. Using a piece of wood, a jar, and a round bracket, you can make your own spare coins jar for all the money you find while doing the laundry so you won’t lose it again. You should also have a trash bin within reach for all the lint you will collect.
  • The best way to organize your laundry room is to put both the washing machine and the dryer in the same place so you can easily get the clothes out of the washing machine and put them in the dryer. For added convenience, put a piece of wood on top of them to create a counter that can be used as working area. Here you can fold the clothes, store the detergents, and keep the clothes pins.
  • If your laundry room is on the balcony or in the basement that is used for other purposes too, you would certainly want to hide it when you have visitors or when you are not using it. A nice curtain in front of the washing machine and dryer and a small cabinet that will mask the laundry baskets will solve the problem.
  • Shelves above the washing machine and dryer will allow you to store all the detergents, softeners, and other cleaning products in one place so you can limit the laundry area to only one wall. If you have matching appliances that go one over the other, a tall shelf near them will help you capitalize every free space you have.
  • Sorting the laundry from the start will help you save time so creating a sorting area will make things easier for you. You can either buy an assembly of three or four bags each designed for a specific type of clothes or you can make one using some plastic baskets and a wooden cabinet. Put the baskets one on to of the other and write on them whites, colored, denim, or any other particularity that will help your family members sort the laundry the right way.

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