post-title How to Control the Temperature in a Small Studio Apartment

How to Control the Temperature in a Small Studio Apartment

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If you are living in a small studio apartment, chances are you are struggling to maintain an optimal level of temperature in your home. It’s important to learn some methods to adjust the temperature level in a way that you feel comfortable and stay healthy. You wouldn’t want to feel neither too cold or hot. Today, we’ve gathered some tips and ideas on how to control the temperature in your studio apartment, so let’s get started.

Use a tower fan

First of all, you will want to take into consideration the layout of your house and then find a solution that could meet your needs. If you studio apartment feels cramped and small, it’s recommended to opt for a top tower fan,  because a portable device like that can fit into any room. In addition to that, most tower fans have a slender and compact design, so you won’t find it too difficult finding it a space in your bedroom or living room.

The best part about using a tower fan is that they have the ability to oscillate so you will be able to maintain a consistent level of temperature throughout your entire room. There are also some top tower fan models that provide heat and have the ability to cool a room as well. So if you are on a budget, you will want to invest in a multi-functional tower fan, rather than choosing two devices.

Use an infrared heater

Staying warm during the cold winter days and nights is sometimes difficult, especially in a small apartment where it can become cold very quickly. Installing a heater is the best solution in this case because it’s an affordable solution and highly practical. However, you will want to avoid choosing a gas heater due to harmful CO2 emissions. Instead, go for the best infrared heater, which will be lot safer and easier of use.

The majority of infrared models available on the market have a modern design. For instance, you can find a practical infrared heater that looks like a fireplace. Nevertheless, the best infrared heater is not rated based on its design, but based on its features. Choose an innovative heater, one which can be controlled remotely, which can be programmed to start running at various times, and one which comes with some reliable safety features, such as a tip off feature.

Insulate properly

When it comes to controlling the heat loss, there’s nothing better than insulating the apartment. Make sure to use cellulose or mineral wool batts to provide insulation from the cold. These insulating materials can also provide protection against fire. After insulation, you can install an heat recovery ventilator, also called a heat exchanger to minimize heat loss in rooms by recycling up to 90% of heat. This way, you will manage to stay warm and comfortable at all times, regardless of the season.


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