post-title How to Decorate and Organize Your Vanity Table

How to Decorate and Organize Your Vanity Table

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In the morning, a lot of time gets wasted on guesswork when you’re doing your hair and makeup in front of the vanity table, because it’s cluttered with all the beauty products and gadgets, being hard to figure out where the items that you need are placed.
To waste less time while getting ready to go out and to have a cleaner aspect for the entire room, read the following lines and apply our advice on how to decorate and organize the vanity table.

Organize the nail polishes and lipsticks in see-through boxes

The most common beauty products that women use are lipsticks and nail polishes, and all women tend to have a lot of colors for both of these beauty products.
Simply placing them in the same area isn’t enough, because you still have to sit for minutes finding the certain color you want to put on your nails or lips, therefore a solution must be found to shorten this wasted time.
The best thing to do by far is to buy two see-through boxes, placing the lipsticks and nail polishes in them in an orderly manner, by aligning them in conformity with their color. This way you have a clear view on what color you have available, and you make sure that they don’t ever get misplaced again.

Clear the table of all beauty products and place cute decorations instead

Just because it’s a vanity table doesn’t mean that it has to be cluttered with all kind of beauty products, and beside, that clutter takes from your space when you want to get ready. Therefore, instead of having everything on display, put these beauty gadgets and products in the drawers of the table, and place only a couple of cute decorations on the table to make it look pretty.
The best decoration for the vanity table are a vase filled with your favorite flowers on one side, and a photo of your family or of your lover on the other side.
By having this arrangement you gain space and you get to better enjoy the experience when you get ready to go out due to the fact that you are surrounded by the things you love.

Organize your beauty gadgets and products in separate drawers

It’s mandatory to have a well organized vanity table if you want to spend as little time as possible when getting ready, and the best way to organize it is by separating your beauty products and gadgets in the table’s drawers to have a better grasp on them.
Place your flat iron in one of the upper drawers along with the hair styling sprays that you apply when you use it, and the blow dryer and other hair related gadgets in the drawer beneath the drawer with the flat iron.
When it comes to your beauty products, place them all in different drawers to know exactly where to find what you need. This way you will have your perfumes, lipsticks and lip liners, brushes, mascaras, eye shadows, foundations and blushes, all in separate drawers to always know where they are located and to not mix them together. Also, keep all the jewelry in boxes that you place in a bottom drawer to have them better organized as well.


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