post-title How to Properly Equip and Decorate a Nursery

How to Properly Equip and Decorate a Nursery

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The nursery has to be perfect for the baby to grow in a pleasant environment, and for that to happen you must have certain equipment in it and to decorate it in a very soothing way for the small one. If you take your time and read the following lines you will get some useful advice on how to properly equip this room and how to decorate it to make the perfect heaven for your baby to grow in.

Use neutral colors

A mistake that most parents make when it comes to the way they decorate the nursery is to paint the walls in bright and flashy colors like blue, pink, green, or yellow, colors that tire the baby’s eye and agitate him. Instead of choosing these obnoxious colors for the nursery’s walls and for the furniture for that matter too, go with soothing colors like beige, cream, or white, colors that are appropriate no matter the gender of the baby, and colors that are peaceful and pleasant, providing with the ideal environment for the growth of the baby.

Conair Serene Sound Therapy SU9

For the small price of $30, buy the Conair Serene Sound Therapy SU9 sound machine to help your baby fall asleep faster by hearing the soothing and pleasant sounds that it produces, masking effectively all the disruptive background noises that would normally wake the child up.
The six pleasant sounds that this sound machine produces include rainfall, babbling brook, summer night, tropical rainforest, heartbeat, and ocean waves, you can set its timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, the unit operating only for the chosen period and shutting off automatically when the time passes, and it allows you to set the volume as high or as low as you want to ensure that the baby is enjoying it.

Nest Cam

For the parents of newborn babies who have to go to work, a piece of equipment that musn’t miss from the nursery is the Nest Cam, this security camera providing you with live images of the baby that you can watch over your phone or laptop to make sure that he’s fine, the cost of this small and useful device being only $200. This way, you keep an eye not only on the baby, but on the babysitter as well, making sure that she is doing her job properly, and due to the fact that you can hear sounds and you can make yourself heard as well, you can calm the baby down with your voice if the small one starts crying.

GreenTech GT50 Air Purifier

Indoor air is more polluted than we can ever imagine, therefore it’s mandatory to buy the GreenTech GT50 air purifier and to place it in the nursery for this appliance to efficiently filter all the impurities and bacteria that lurk in the air, protecting the small one from getting sick this way. This air purifier only costs $100, it’s a portable plug-in model that is appropriate for small rooms, it makes little noise while operating, therefore you don’t have to worry about the unit waking up the baby, and it’s low on energy consumption, making it an energy efficient air purifier as well.

A quality crib mattress

If you want your baby to enjoy a restful sleep, read some crib mattress reviews and buy a quality mattress. The mattress should provide a good spinal support and it should also be made of quality materials. When reading crib mattress reviews, focus on products which are made of organic latex and cottons. This is the best combination for a crib mattress.


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