post-title How to Remodel an Apartment for a Mobility Challenged Resident

How to Remodel an Apartment for a Mobility Challenged Resident

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Having to cope with a disability could be difficult if the living environment is not adapted to your needs and it doesn’t offer you the proper conditions. A mobility challenged person must live in a home that has been modified to match their needs and requirements, this is why we thought it would be appropriate to suggest some remodeling ideas for the apartment of a mobility challenged resident.

Install sensor lights

Wandering in a dark apartment is not the best thing for a mobility challenged resident who can easily trip and fall due to poor visibility. Reaching the light switch positioned on the other side of the room might be difficult, so a sensor lights system will be a useful home modification that will allow people with disabilities to walk safely from one room to another.

Lower the wall cabinets

The last thing you will want a mobility challenged person to do is to stretch or climb stool sin order to reach something they need from the top shelf of a wall cabinet. Therefore, it’s best that you lower all the wall cabinets and bring them to a comfortable level that is easy to reach by those who have mobility issues.

Make stairs safer with a stair lift

If the apartment has stairs, it can pose a risk to the safety of the resident. A solution to this problem is the stair lift that can safely transport them up and down the stairs with no effort from them and without any risk of falling and getting hurt.

Remove floor obstacles

In order to avoid mobility impaired people from tripping over things, falling and hurting themselves, remove as many floor obstacles as possible. By floor obstacles, we mean small slippery carpets, tall thresholds, cables and wires that sit in the middle of the room or near access points, and furniture items that sit in the way.

Improve balance with handrails

Allow the mobility challenged resident to walk peacefully around their home by installing handrails on the staircase, along hallways, near the bed, and in the bathroom. The handrails will improve their balance and will keep them from falling in case they trip or they get dizzy.

Enable access for the mobility scooter

Many people suffering from a disability are using a mobility scooter because it enables them to move freely and to perform various activities that would otherwise be impossible for them to perform. These scooters are very useful. However, for indoor use, consider a compact scooter. You can find many compact scooters which can easily be navigated even in narrow spaces. Moreover, while outdoor access for the mobility scooter might be easy, for the indoor use, their apartment must include some modifications. You must widen the doors and hallways to fit the mobility scooter, you must eliminate thresholds and you must install ramps for easy access.


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