post-title Low Maintenance Bathroom Design Styles

Low Maintenance Bathroom Design Styles

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A low maintenance bathroom has to be easy to clean and easy to organize so you won’t consider it a tiresome chore. Many people miss this aspect when designing their bathroom and they find out too late that functionality is a top priority and they end up with a bathroom they can’t keep tidy and clean. Therefore, make sure you design your bathroom to be low-maintenance and for this, you can inspire from our ideas.

    • Although white seems like a color that is very hard to keep clean, the simple design of this bathroom and the few decorative items make it very easy to maintain. The design is minimalist, with straight lines and clean details like the lights hidden behind the marble panel. Tiles on the floors and on the walls make it easier to wipe clean and the brown wooden cabinet offers storage space without cluttering the room. The centerpiece of this bathroom design is the tub framed by ceiling-high glass walls that separate the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. Although this version is a large size one, you can opt for separate areas even if you have a small bathroom.
    • If you don’t like the idea of an all-white bathroom, you can opt for a beige version that is as bright and clean as the previous one. It also includes tile walls that are easy to clean especially in the shower area where water stains are your biggest enemy when it comes to cleaning. For this reason, we advise you to opt for light colors fro the floors and walls if you don’t want to spend most of your time cleaning the limescale spots. Install a double sink with cabinets underneath for storage space and limit the use of shelves and cabinets that would make the space look cluttered.
    • If you prefer a darker background, a soft shade of brown will be perfect if you want to keep the low maintenance feature. This bathroom is painted in a combination of shades of brown and is decorated with shiny white sanitary ware. The details on the tiles behind the large round tub enhance the overall aspect of the walls. On each side of the bathtub, there is a matching sink with a brown cabinet underneath so you can store all your pampering products. This bathroom design also includes few decorations so it will maintain its low maintenance advantage.

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