post-title Modern Home Bar Decorating Ideas

Modern Home Bar Decorating Ideas

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A home bar is the perfect addition for any modern household, getting to show off your mad cocktail making skills in a professional environment whenever you have guests over, entertaining them and providing them with amazing drinks made with your own two hands.
If you are an amateur of wild and fun parties, read the following lines to find out some useful decorating ideas for your modern home bar, making your house the place where all your friends get together to unwind.

Light up the display of the drinks

All modern home bars must have neon lights to better display the drinks and to create a stunning visual effect for the location of the bar. Therefore, put neon lights in playful colors like green or purple in the wall mounted cabinets where you store the drinks, and even on the exterior of the bar to have an amazing and flashy appearance for the area where you prepare the cocktails and drinks.

Fun wall decorations

A great decorating idea for the home bar is to put up fun wall decorations that you would normally find in an actual bar as well.
The best wall decorations to go with are neon signs that spell the word bar or free cocktails, and you can even put pictures of your favorite drinks. Also, you should put pictures of you and your friends that were taken when you were at different parties together, placing them under the wall mounted cabinets for everyone to see and tell funny stories about the great times you had together.

Menus on the bar for parties

To make it more fun for everyone and for you to get to show off your skills in the best way possible, keep menus on the bar with the cocktails that you know how to prepare for the guests to have a better idea on what they can order. This way you get to follow your cocktail recipes in peace, knowing that they will order only what you already know how to prepare, and you will get to brag with your skills if you follow the cocktail recipes well.

Draw attention on your finest drinks

If you want to look as professional as possible, you should display the finest drinks you have instead of putting them together with the rest of the bottles in the wall mounted cabinet. Therefore, the finest and most expensive bottles should be placed under the wall mounted cabinets or on the bar, preferably in stylish small racks made for single bottles, this way anyone who has a more pretentious taste in drinks to see that you are prepared for all situations.


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