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Practical Kitchen Layout Ideas

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A lot of home activities take place in the kitchen, and some include cooking, drinking, eating, cleaning and many more. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you have a welcoming and beautiful kitchen where you can receive your guests, but most importantly, you need to ensure that your kitchen is functional. Draw inspiration from these kitchen layout ideas and start designing your kitchen.

Activity-based kitchen

If you have a spacious kitchen, you will want to organize it in a way so that it has different zones for food preparation, cleanup and a cooking area as well. This is a practical design that allows you to keep your kitchen more neat and have everything organized. For instance, in the cooking area you can built an island and a couple of kitchen cabinets, as well as a griddle cooktop and of course, a four-burners gas cooktop.

Compact kitchen layout

While in a spacious kitchen you have plenty of space to create different areas, in a small and compact kitchen, you need to be very careful when creating different zones. In a compact kitchen, you can opt for multi-functional furniture. An island can function as an area for preparing food as well as a work surface. In addition, if the island is wide, you can place your small kitchen appliance or kitchen utensils.

Beverage area

Having a beverage area in your kitchen is a great idea, because everyone can gather around to grab a bottle of juice without getting in your way when preparing food. The beverage zone should consist of a bar, a small dining table with comfy chairs and if space permits, a compact refrigerator where you can store your favorite beverages and bottles and snacks.

L-Shape kitchen layout

For more convenience and flexibility, you can decide on dividing the cooking area into two areas. You can, for example, separate the oven from the stove and create different cooking areas that are linked together. This layout is highly practical because it makes your kitchen more spacious and airy.

U-Shaped layout

This next design idea is perfect for both a small and a spacious kitchen because it allows a great flexibility when it comes to storing your items. In a U-shaped kitchen you have plenty of space for preparing food or storing things because there’s a massive expanse of counter space. If you don’t have to create a dining room, you can consider placing your dining table in the center of the kitchen or for more convenience, place a spacious island.


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