post-title Redecorate Your House with Grosgrain Ribbon

Redecorate Your House with Grosgrain Ribbon

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Decorating is one of the people’s biggest hobbies, because this activity allows them to spend time together in a pleasant way. But they cannot do this very often, because there are not so many opportunities to decorate a house. Usually people do this when they buy it. But if you are the kind of person who wants to change the look of your house constantly, you should take into consideration purchasing grosgrain ribbon wholesale, because it will help you redecorate your house in a cheap way.

Create a girly bedroom

If you are not satisfied with the way your bedroom looks, and you want to change its classic look into a more girly and stylish one, you should purchase a large amount of ribbons in your favorite colors and decorate it. You can start with the bed, you should personalize the cushions and blankets with ribbon. For example you can sew large patterned ribbon on the outskirts of the blanket, for transforming it into one similar to those found in princess bedrooms. Also, you can customize your cushions by sewing on their corners small pieces of ribbon, or bows. You can choose a single color for creating these ribbon accessories, or you can mix colors for a more playful look. After customizing your bed according to your taste, you can use ribbon to personalize the desk and its chair. If you have a black desk, you can stick on its edges ribbon in a bold color like red, or in a warm tone, like cream. For the chair, you have many options, you can create a big ribbon bow and attach it to its back, or hang stripes of ribbon on its back and let it loos.

Add ribbon accessories in the living room

The living room is the room of the house where you gather with your friends and family, and you should decorate it in such a way to speak for you. Therefore if you like colors, but your living room does not feature as many as you would want, you should handmade some decorations. For example, you can personalize the vases from the room, by sticking on their top ribbon in multiple shades. You can play with the colors and sizes of the ribbon. Also, you should take some glass bottles and wrap them around in ribbon in different colors, and place them above the fireplace. Grosgrain ribbons offer you many options from which to choose when it comes to house decorations.


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