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Small Balcony Decor Ideas

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A small balcony can enhance the overall design of your house and can become your favorite corner where you can enjoy a good book, a morning coffee, or you can maintain your gardening passion. Discover below some stunning small balcony decor ideas that prove you don’t need a large space for creating a comfy and warm place.

    • You can bring the charm of a Parisian bistro into your balcony using only a small table and two matching chairs. Choose a small round table with a metallic frame and place two chairs around it so you can enjoy there a cup of coffee with a friend or your lover. Complete the décor with some flower pots that will decorate one corner of the balcony. The rough iron rail is essential in creating this décor, as well as the brick-like facade of the balcony.
    • This is a gorgeous balcony design that proves you can capitalize even the smallest space if you know how to combine colors and textures. The beautiful rattan furniture is enhanced by the vibrant colors of the pillows and seat cushions, colors that are kept in the rest of the decorations. This small balcony decor idea shows an innovative version of a Christmas design but you can keep it throughout the year and your neighbors will surely envy you.
    • If you want to turn the balcony into your personal relaxation corner, this idea will be just perfect for you. The tall white cabinet is perfect for storing your favorite books, your knitting items, or any other hobby you have that you like to perform in the balcony. On the other side, there is a small with a bench aside it so you can sit there and enjoy the sun rays that pass through the window. The decorative plants complete these cozy and stylish balcony design. For the chilly winter days or spring nights, use an infrared heater to keep the balcony warm so you can enjoy it for a longer time.
    • If your balcony isn’t large enough for you to place a table with chairs in here, you can turn it into a beautiful greenhouse filled with all your favorite plants. A vertical garden on one wall consisting of small flower pots placed on a wooden panel will be an innovative design of a green corner. Large flower pots with lush plants placed on the floor are the perfect touch to complete this balcony design.

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